Personalised Professional Touring

I specialise in unveiling the mysteries of the Fairest Cape in the world to YOU, the discerning visitor. What makes Capefuntours unique? ME! – MARTIN FINE. British born, I have clocked up over 30-years experience in Tourism, in and around Cape Town. Fluent in Scouse, Cockney, Geordie, Mancunian with the gift of the Blarney, a Welsh father and a Scottish Mother-in-law. History, culture, good food and wine enthuses me. I’m a yachtsman, scuba diver and writer of historical novels. Together with my associates let me fashion your bespoke tour. My tours become YOUR TOUR. I shall transport you to where YOU want to go, with a sense of humour. Having FUN and enjoying yourself is compulsory on my tours.

We start the tour in Sea Point with the cold Atlantic Ocean on our right. Driving through Camps Bay we pass Llandudno (No! Not the North Wales Victorian resort) and on to Hout Bay, where I will introduce you to some fish and a friendly Cape Fur Seal. The spectacular Chapmans Peak Drive will astound you. Noordhoek, Kommetjie, Misty Cliffs and Scarborough beckon. A unique zebra and world-class stone carvings await your camera.

Ostriches and baboons may greet you as we enter the Cape Point Nature Reserve. Here, I will reveal the glory and history of The Fairest Cape in all the World. Then, it’s off to meet my Penguin friends at Boulders Beach before I acquaint you with a famous dog in historical Simonstown.

This time it is the Indian Ocean on our right as we journey back to Cape Town over the dramatic Boyes Drive. Kalk Bay is a must for all antique lovers!

Why not include a wine tasting? Everything is possible.


We start with the Castle, the oldest stone building in South Africa. I will introduce you to a KOISAN, the Cape’s first inhabitant. Learn how first the Dutch and then the British influenced history. The Anglo-Boer war, why was it fought and what were the consequences? You will marvel at the finest collection of South African antiques. Then it is off to explore the Grand Parade, The Old City Hall, where in 1990, President Mandela made his first public appearance in 27-years. We will perambulate through the Company Gardens. District Six with its tragic history beckons. Then it is off to explore the colorful historical Cape Malay area – the Bokaap. Why not enjoy an original Cape Malay lunch? There is more… much more to show you… it is up to YOU!

  • The Rhodes Memorial (another good place to enjoy lunch).
  • The South African Jewish Museum
  • The historical Koopmans de Wet Town House.
  • Groot Schur Hospital Heart Museum
  • The De Chavonnes Cannon Battery

Experience a close encounter with The Great White Shark, Carcharodon Carcharias, also known as the White Pointer, or White Death.This large lamniform shark patrols our False Bay coast line, known to exceeded 6-metres (20ft) in length and weigh as much as 2,268kg (5,000lb) The Great White takes 15-years to reach maturity and can live for 30-years. At the top of the food chain yet an endangered and much understood fish.

To the bold and ambitious Capefuntours can book an appointment for you to meet this mighty predator, under water or from the dryness of the deck. The choice is yours. No scuba experience is required and the licensed experienced operators we work with supply your very necessary wetsuit.

Depending upon the seasons there are two locations: Seal Island False Bay, where you depart from Simonstown or Gans Baai, a 3-hour drive from Cape Town. After the dive we can visit a wine farm or two or perhaps a Micro-brewery, the choice is yours.

A Wine Drive Safari?

NO! Not the big five animals but the big five – and more – superb creations by Kevin Arnold at his world class Waterford wine estate. Your taste buds will explore the tantalising complex flavours of the wines in the vineyard surrounded by vines.

As if this experience is not enough the wines will be pared with Von Geusau fine chocolates, specialy crafted to compliment the wines. Visit the modern compact cellar then tiptoe into the Cathedral so as not to disturb the tranquil labours of the maturation barrels.

Explore beyond Cape Town, so many places to visit but never enough time. The Garden Route stretches from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. The more time you have the more I can show you.